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Buddy, rarely referred to by his secret identity as Sterling, is a lifelong fan of super heroes, movies and video games.  No one gets more pumped or steamed up over just about everything geek related than Buddy!​  He's always stoked to hear what you're stoked about, so long as it's not Attack of the Clones.


Someone has to be semi-normal and run the equipment, thanks Manny!  Semi-normal in this case happens to include being basically raised by the X-Men, his universal scorn for eating, 8 dozen Funko figures showing up at his 30-something birthday dinner from everyone that knows him, custom art of his kitty cats painted as super heroes hanging on the wall and a Danny Tanner level disdain for dirtiness in any form or origin.  Try to force him outside and be prepared for a frenzied rain of of *pew pew* soft punches coming at you!


A.K.A. Sprinkles

Alright, FINE.  We'll call you Aaron this ONE time in your bio, but that is it for the rest of the website!  Sprinkles is the ultimate Flash superfan and the geek best frenemy that you never new you were missing.  You'll never be able to keep up with his encyclopedic knowledge of random everything and he is sure to rip you for it, but don't ask him where he left his car keys.​

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